Home Storage – Water

There are so many options for home water storage. here Are a few we use. Just remember FEMA recommends 1 gallon of water per person per day. Start with getting your 72 hour in home supply and build up from there.

Small Scale Storage Ideas

Juice Jugs – Save, Wash, and fill with water.

When choosing a container always look at the number on the bottom to see if they are good for long term storage. I had a friend (also in 2008 when it was flooding in Iowa) who bought quite a few of the inexpensive gallon jugs of water in case they needed them. She didn’t have to use them so she just left the water jugs in her attic. They ended up breaking down and leaking all over the place. They had water damage from the walls in the attic all the way down to the main floor of the house. (Not a fun fix) I always look for above a 3.

Water Bricks are handy and easy to store. They have a handle which makes them easier to carry and they stack really nicely.


Water Barrels

You have your regular water barrels. The Super tanker is one of our favorites because it has a spigot and holds a lot but fits into a smaller space. We bought ours at Stokes If your local you can also find out more and where to buy one here.


We lived in Iowa during the floods of 2008 if the river rose just a few more inches the towns water supply would have been contaminated. We decided it would be nice to have some extra water for personal hygiene. So we went down to the local Farm and Home and purchased a Water Tank . It was a little over two hundred dollars, but it was well worth the money and it is nice knowing if we needed it we would have it. Luckily with a lot of sandbagging from volunteers we were able to protect our water supply. This is what ours looks like and I found it here. Theirs is a little more expensive.

water tank

You can sometimes find good deals on craigslist or KSL.com if your local. Just make sure you know what was stored in them if you buy them used!

Rain water barrel
I think these are awesome! Process of buying some land and I cant wait get a few of these put together. There are plenty of DIY ideas here.

Here are a couple I like and their links.

rainwater-system Link 1

dscf7388 Link 2


Bug out bag- Water


The goal is to have at least a gallon per day per person. For us I just don’t think we can carry it. I will be carrying Rue in her pack along with both of our bug out Items. Joe will be carrying Briar on his back plus their needed Items. Add 6 gallons of water each and I don’t think we will get very far. So here is what we have done instead.

Step 1- Joe, Alexander, and I each have a utility belt with two (full) stainless steel bottles attached to them.

Black Aluminium Canteen

Step 2- Then on top of that we have invested in 4 of these life straws. They provide quick water filtration on the go. (Purchased here)


Step 3- We also each have water filtration tablets in out pack. These take about 30 min to purify your water, so keep that in mind.

water pure tablet

After you get those things done if you want to take it a little farther.

Step 4- Prepare a stash of water at your bug out location.

Step 5- If it will take you a while (few days) to get there you might want to consider burying a small stash or two along the way. (A plastic bin/ tote with a lid works.)

On a side note. Sometimes filtered water doesn’t taste the best. We carry Wild Orange in our Bug Out Essentials Kit to help. A drop or two makes a world of difference.