DIY Essential Oil Case for Next to Nothing!!

I finally found a really inexpensive way to store my oils! So I thought I would share in case anyone else liked the idea.  The Large was about $14 total, medium was about $9 and the small was $4.


DSCN0576 copy

 The Large oil case was about $14 dollars total!! It holds 70 oils!! It was so easy I am kind of mad at myself that I didn’t think of it before now! I bought the large black foam from (I am local so I picked it up). Here is a link to the large foam. The plastic snap case was from Walmart. This large size is 6.25 quart and was about $4.

Update: I have been offline for a while with a sweet new baby. My Oil Business is now Oil Life. Here is a link to their Large foam. You will still have to trim it a little to fit. 

P.S. I had to cut a little off one end of the foam to make it fit.

Med EO Case_edited-1

                               The medium case was also from Walmart, it is 2.5 quart and was about $3. This case holds 30 of the 15ml bottles of oil and 10 of the 5ml bottles of oil. Again I bought the black foam from (Now Oil Life.comHere is the link for the medium foam. This one may work for you too.

      sample case


The sample size case is probably my favorite BECAUSE I have found the best way to use your oils is to have them in a convenient place. The small case is great because anytime I need an oil it is at my finger tips!! I keep one of these in the kitchen, the bathroom, my bedroom, and my car. Well I keep 2 in my car, one for personal use and one for free samples to give away when I run into someone that could use some oils. (It happens all of the time! EVERYONE can use oils right…)  🙂

The small case is 1.2 quart for a little less than $2. (you can fit 2-3 foams in the small case if you want to) It can hold 35 sample bottles in one foam! If you triple layer the case it can hold 105 sample bottles!!  You can buy the small foams from (Now oil life.) here.


If you need any oils to fill yours up call me at (319) 455-6457. 😉




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