Bug out bag- Water


The goal is to have at least a gallon per day per person. For us I just don’t think we can carry it. I will be carrying Rue in her pack along with both of our bug out Items. Joe will be carrying Briar on his back plus their needed Items. Add 6 gallons of water each and I don’t think we will get very far. So here is what we have done instead.

Step 1- Joe, Alexander, and I each have a utility belt with two (full) stainless steel bottles attached to them.

Black Aluminium Canteen

Step 2- Then on top of that we have invested in 4 of these life straws. They provide quick water filtration on the go. (Purchased here)


Step 3- We also each have water filtration tablets in out pack. These take about 30 min to purify your water, so keep that in mind.

water pure tablet

After you get those things done if you want to take it a little farther.

Step 4- Prepare a stash of water at your bug out location.

Step 5- If it will take you a while (few days) to get there you might want to consider burying a small stash or two along the way. (A plastic bin/ tote with a lid works.)

On a side note. Sometimes filtered water doesn’t taste the best. We carry Wild Orange in our Bug Out Essentials Kit to help. A drop or two makes a world of difference.

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