Save money on groceries THE EASY WAY

How many of you struggle to feed your family healthy meals?? At my house it seemed like it was getting harder and harder.

For us it seemed like we were  ALWAYS on the GO. I have 4 kids and with all off their school, sport, and church activities I sometimes feel like I live in my car more than my house. (and that I might be going a little crazy.)

My husband also has an awesome job that lets him work 12 hour shifts so he is off the week. We are in the process of renovating a small cabin (slowly renovating… ) and so when we are not running around with the kids we are usually at the cabin.

I found that we were spending WAY to much money on food, and the horrible part was it wasn’t even good food.  It was convenience and fast food that we basically just ate to fill our bellys as we ran from place to place. (It was to the point that my kids didn’t even want to eat the fast food anymore we were so SICK of it!!)Each meal was costing between 20 and 35 dollars for our family of 5.

I decided things had to change!!


Our health, happiness, and budget were suffering!  So I started trying to plan ahead and buy healthier foods. (after all I know how to cook and eat healthy) AND… I am going to be honest…. this is basically what happened…


Good Intentions Die


So I tried again and that’s when I found Thrive Food. Once you taste it you will love it. (one of my fav’s is the sweet corn!) It has saved us SO much money and we eat healthy food that tastes GOOD!

Here is a short intro video.

Please do yourself and your family a favor and TRY THIS FOOD!  (Email me at for a free sample!) We have been eating Thrive Foods now for about 2 years and we use it in so many ways. I make premade meals in a jar that are SO quick and easy to make. (We also have had some health issuse come up with myself and my son that it has made SO much easier to deal with.) I am gluten intolerant and my son is pre diabetic so we have to be really careful with what we eat. My husband also body builds and Thrive makes his weekly meal prep a snap!

There are three ways to get started with Thrive. I suggest the Thrive Q and I have included the information Below. (want to know about the other 2?)

Below if a quick video on the Q and how you can create your own home pantry on a budget.


Read the Thrive Q Brouchure

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