The Easy Way To Save MONEY on Groceries and STOCK UP

I don’t know if you have heard that food prices are going to be going up quite a bit in the next little while. Well I heard that along with a million other things and I didn’t pay that much attention. Some of you probably know that my husband and I work hard at saving money on groceries and having a good supply of food storage. We go about it in a couple ways. First we buy some bulk items from our church store, a nearby Amish store that sells bulk, and when there is a good deal from bulk warehouse stores.

Second, (for the most part) I do coupon shopping. Now I don’t have ANY time to clip coupons and I don’t want to, so I do it the easy way.

I found and signed up for a website called It allows you to choose stores in your area and it then tells you everything per week that is on a good sale. Grey items are an OK price, Blue items are a stock up price, and Green items are free (or you get cash back for buying them.) It also tells you what coupons you need and everything (if you need one)

(Note- At first I used this site, which is awesome, but now that I am more familiar with prices and what is a good sale in my area and then just look at my local ads, choose what I want, and look for coupons that go with them.)

So I look at this website and instead of buying newspapers which are 2.00 each and then clipping and organizing. (Which takes forever!) I go to or the and buy only the coupons I want. It is really easy! There are usually in sets of 10 or 20 coupons and most the time I pay about 99 cents to 2.49 for 20 coupons and many have free shipping. We have saved a lot of money this way! I have been at the register and my total came to a little over 400.00 and I ended up paying around 80.00 after my coupons!

The reason I am posting this is because I have noticed something that worries me. On this site there are usually hundreds of deals to look through. I have noticed in the last couple months that the list is getting smaller and smaller.

So basically food prices are going up and fast. I just wanted to offer my help. If any of you are interested I will walk you through how to do this. Or if you don’t want to do it yourself I have started a facebook page that I post the top deals I find. So all you would have to do is order your coupons and get the stuff. It is really easy and it is really nice to know that if something happened like my husband lost his job, or a bad storm hit we would have plenty of food to last us for a good while. Also if you have a small house and don’t know where you could put extra food, let me help you. Check out my Small space food storage ideas post.

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